C.S. Lewis Experience

Come and see the birth place of one of the most famous writers – C.S Lewis, creator of Narnia, who was born in Belfast. Ireland both north and south had a profound influence on his life and work. Discover with us how the landscapes, traditions and heritage of Northern Ireland help to shape some of the most all inspiring stories ever written.

  • What was the story that happened in Belfast about which he said ‘The rest of my life is about nothing else.'
  • What was the story that unfolded at his boyhood home that so dramatically affected the rest of Lewis’s life?
  • What are the images that find their way into Lewis’s Narnia? Where did those images come from? What does he say about them? And how does he use them in his writing?
Join us and walk in the footsteps of Lewis. Participate in an unforgettable journey to discover the places, stories and inspirations for many of his greatest works.

The C.S Lewis Experience is a series of coach tours designed specifically to cover the life and works of C.S Lewis and answer those intriguing questions about his life and writing. The live commentary throughout the tour highlights the locations and their significance in Lewis’s published work.

Authentic Ulster can provide tours that are entirely suited to your group. The tour locations visited in Belfast will cover all those that are of particular significance to Lewis and his writing. For groups wishing to devote a bit more time, the additional locations in County Antrim and County Down will be included.

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